Family Portrait Photography – Halstead Essex

I was recently commissioned to take some family portrait photographs to mark a 60th Birthday celebration. However not only was it the ‘mums’ birthday celebration it was also a family reunion as it was a fairly unique opportunity for all the family members to get together all at the same time, people had travelled from across Essex and from as far away as Surrey.
There were 12 people in all, as well as three dogs who wanted to get in on the act. What they wanted was some photographs of all of them together but also some individual family / children shots.
We started with some fairly formal group shots inside before going out in to the garden and doing some more informal fun stuff.

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3 Responses to Family Portrait Photography – Halstead Essex

  1. ALl your portrait photos look great – also looked like they were good fun to take too.

  2. Lou Dallara says:

    Great work, the girls look smashing !!! Cheers

  3. Hi guys thanks for your comments – much appreciated.

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